Elem and Academy Students learning

Mission Statement

The mission of the Rivendell Interstate School District is to foster the intellectual, social and personal development of its students. Our goal is that they will become life-long learners, positive contributors to their communities and productive, healthy adults.

Vision Statement

A Student-Centered Environment

As a small school, Rivendell gives students personal attention, individual learning tailored to student's needs and abilities, a curriculum that challenges students to achieve high academic standards by following their own best learning path, and a consistent pre-school through 12th grade curriculum. Teachers know students well, so that strong positive relationships develop between faculty and students.

21st Century Learning

Rivendell has a curriculum and culture that develop life-long thinking and work habits that prepare students for the 21st century job and academic markets. Rivendell students develop their knowledge and skills in a real-world context by applying their learning in the community and by participating productively in the local community and the wider world.

High Involvement and Leadership

Rivendell welcomes, expects and requires student, parent, and community involvement and leadership to guide its vision.

A Talented and Caring Faculty and Staff

Rivendell attracts, retains, and provides professional development for a talented and caring faculty and staff that are prepared to teach students in the 21st century.

Responsible Operations

Rivendell has marketing and financial strategies that provide responsible growth to reach its goals.