Special Education

At Rivendell, we strive to meet every student’s needs.

Special Education at Rivendell

Preschool children with disabilities can attend our exemplary Rivendell Early Childhood Program with their typically developing peers. Here they receive developmentally appropriate instruction from our early childhood special education teacher and preschool teachers and related service providers. Participating in a preschool program with non-disabled children gives all children an opportunity to practice new skills while making friends and preparing for school success. Data gathered over the last eighteen years indicates a strong correlation between receiving those preschool services and subsequent school success.
Special Education at Rivendell makes a free, appropriate public education available to all children ages 3 to 21 who have been determined to have a disability. We provide meaningful and challenging educational opportunities for all students. Our vision of inclusion guides our work, meeting students where they are and supporting them in their progress toward academic achievement and independence. Students receive specialized instruction, support, and related services designed to provide an appropriate education and allow them to progress in the general curriculum.