Board Docs

The Rivendell Interstate School Board members are committed to the School District mission and goals. Every member of the Board is completely conversant with the philosophy and principles that are the foundation of school district. The school Board applies this mission and related goals to decision making.


Our Board recently contracted with BoardDocs to deliver Board documents, meeting agenda items, and minutes.

  • Upcoming meetings will be featured on the “Featured Page” of Board Docs.
  • To access previous meetings agendas, documents and minutes, click on the Meetings tab (top right) and select the meeting.
  • Then click on Agenda to see detailed information for the meeting.
  • The agenda will be posted three to five four days prior to the meeting date. The agenda can be modified up to the day of the Board meeting.
  • At this point the Policies is not complete. It is our intent to upload policies in this area of the website.
  • The Library area is also not complete at this point.
The Board is focused on the future and is proactive in identifying trends and issues that will need to be considered in maintaining the vitality and efficacy of the school system. The Board sets the direction of the schools through the development of policy and entrusting its administration personnel to carry out daily operations and instrumental processes. The Board members know about the intricacies of various roles, responsibilities and functions and inform interested parties about appropriate procedures for growing need information and resolving conflicts. The School Board operates as a whole except for carefully crafted and articulated work and functions of sub-committees.

School Board sub-committees are formed to enable achievement of goals with efficiency and effectiveness. Sub-committees operate with specific charges established by the Board and clear understanding of roles, responsibilities and relationships with the School Board as a whole. Each sub-committee has clear expectations and understands the importance of accountability.

The School Board is committed to maintaining continuity in quality education to trust and be trusted by the citizenry of all four-member towns making up the one school district. Board members are respectful of the uniqueness of each community and at the same time committed to the formation of a unified school district. They understand the importance of open and honest communication and the desirability of public engagement.

In addition, School Board members understand the legal requirements to function as a solidified legal entity and not as independent agents. Therefore, the School Board acts upon decisions and renders direction to the school district as a whole.

Public perception is important to this School Board. We are committed to engaging the public in meaningful conversation and in helping to frame public policy. There is an understanding of the need to process parental and citizen issues with efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore, Board members will be knowledgeable about roles, responsibilities, functions, responsibilities and relationships in order to properly advise constituent groups about proper procedure for resolving conflicts and addressing constructive input.

The School Board is invested in forming a trusting and respectful relationship with all members of the Rivendell interred and exterred community. Tough decisions are accepted as the responsibility of this Board. However, we are committed to understanding, empathy and compassion for all. Information and knowledge will inform decision making that is guided by our established mission and goals.

We value the role of the School Board and understand the need for continuity. Therefore, we are committed to making the role of individual School Board members reasonable and practical. Balance of life issues are important considerations. We are committed to attracting and retaining dedicated School Board members needed for carrying out our important civic and public policy work.