Policy development is the Board's most important responsibility. It is the intent of the Board to develop policies for the successful and efficient operation of the Rivendell schools, to promote Rivendell’s stability and continuity.

The Board accepts the definition of policy as set forth by the National School Boards Association: "Policies are principles adopted by the school board to chart a course of action. They tell what is wanted; they may include why and how much. Policies should be broad enough to indicate a line of action to be followed by the administration in meeting a number of problems; narrow enough to give clear guidance. Policies are guides for action by the administration, who then sets the rules and regulations to provide specific directions to school district personnel." These policies should serve to inform and guide all people interested in or connected with the school district.

The policies of the District are to be interpreted consistently with Vermont law, the Vermont/New Hampshire Interstate Compact, and the regulations of the Vermont State Board of Education. These policies should also be interpreted consistently with those educational objectives, procedures, and practices which are generally accepted in the public education field.

Board Polices and more can be found by clicking here: Board Docs