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Sunday, March 26, 2023


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Annual District Meeting 2023: March 21, 2023

Dear Rivendell Voters,

Many thanks to all who came out to the annual meeting on Tuesday night. It was wonderful to see so many people and hear what voters had to say. Democracy in action! Please know that you have been heard, even if the vote didn't go the way you wished. We look forward to engaging with all members of the Rivendell community as we develop a strategic plan. Stay tuned.

Kathy Hooke

Rivendell Interstate School District 2023 District Voting Results

District Wide – 245 ballots cast.

Article 4 (Budget) Yes 134, No 111 - The article passed.
Article 5 (Repairs and Contingency Fund) The article passed by voice vote.
Article 6 (Repairing Academy roof section) The article passed by voice vote.
Article 7 (ADA upgrades at Academy) The article passed by voice vote.
Article 8 (Security upgrades and new installation) The article passed by voice vote.
Article 9 (Theater lighting equipment) The article passed by voice vote.
Article 10 (Authorize spending of grants and gifts) The article passed by voice vote.

David Hooke of Vershire was elected moderator for one-year term (208 votes)
Jonathan Sands of Orford was elected treasurer for one-year term (193 votes)
Sara E. Day of Orford was elected at-large school board member for one-year term (196 votes)
Lillian G. Gahagan of Fairlee was elected Auditor for three-year term (195 votes)

For Clerk, there were no candidates on the ballot. There were numerous write-in votes, but no one received the 1% of checklist required. The School Board will fill this post.

Town School Board Elections - all for three-year terms

Fairlee: David Gagner 48, Write- ins 2, Blank 2, Total 52
Vershire: Kathy Hooke 45, Write-ins 2, Blank 1, Spoiled 2 Total 50
Orford: David W. Ricker 54, Charles Smith, Jr 44, Write-ins 1, Void 1, Spoiled 3 , Total 103

Thanks to the District staff for a smooth setup, and the election workers who came out and helped us get through the count efficiently.

David Hooke, Moderator

Special School Board Meeting: Monday, March 20, 2023, 6:00 p.m., District Office, Orford, NH or via Zoom 


School Board Meeting Schedule for the 2022-2023 School Year

2022-2023 Rivendell Interstate School District Calendar (Approved 03/01/2022)

Board Meeting Agendas

Board Meeting Minutes

Rivendell Committee Meeting Minutes

Annual District Meeting Documents


Annual District Meeting 2023: March 21, 2023

Rivendell Interstate School District Timelines for 2023 Annual District Meeting on March 21, 2023 

Latest News

Please help us so we can finalize our plans for Summer Camp

A note from After The Bell Director Leslie Berger:
Hello Samuel Morey Families,
We need your help! Please take this two-minute survey so that we can finalize our plans for summer camp:
Once we have this information, we'll set up a camp that can best support our community's needs.

Thank you so much!

February - March: Important Dates

Spring Conferences
March 20.

Teacher Inservice
March 21 - No school for students.


2023-24 Preschool Registration is Open!

Preschool Registration Flyer
Preschool Screening Flyer
Preschool Application Form


Come Join Us After School!

After the Bell programs run at both Westshire & Samuel Morey Schools. We offer arts & crafts, games, cooking, science experiments, drama, outdoor adventure, and whatever else we can think up!

Monday 3:00-5:30
Tuesday 3:00-5:30
Wednesday 3:00-5:30

Samuel Morey:
Monday 3:00-5:30
Tuesday 3:00-5:30
Wednesday 3:00-5:30
Thursday 2:00-5:30
Friday 3:00-5:30

Cost: $12 per day. Financial aid is available!

To sign up for either after school program, go to:

For more information, contact Leslie Berger

A Note from Nurse Melissa and Nurse Creigh

Guidelines for Keeping Sick Children Home from School