The mission of the Rivendell Interstate School District is to foster the intellectual, social and personal development of its students.
Our goal is that they will become life-long learners, positive contributors to their communities and productive, healthy adults.

Welcome to the Rivendell Interstate School District

Students learning

Rivendell, one of the first PreK-12 interstate school districts in the country, was created to unite and provide better educational opportunity to four diverse, geographically disparate towns in both New Hampshire and Vermont. Having embraced and succeeded in establishing such a broad reaching district, Rivendell has learned to be bold in its approaches. Rivendell dares to expect more – from its administrators, its faculty and its students – and we are ever-vigilant in our quest for educational excellence.

As our students strive to be their best, our educational team creates an environment that is supportive, safe, encouraging and nurturing. Since its inception, Rivendell continues to evolve– offering classic educational pursuits, creating an environment that prepares students for the technology and other demands of the 21st century, and insuring that we all grow as thoughtful, committed, active citizens of our towns, our country and our world.