The Tech Department is located at room 2106 in the West Wing of Rivendell Academy. We provide on-site and remote technical support in and out of the classroom. We believe in the power of technology improve student’s educations as well as everyday business functions. Although, we maybe a small school district we strive to gain efficiencies through the use enterprise level technologies and practices. We understand that for technology to be effective it must be easy to use, understand, safe and reliable.  

At the Elementary Schools we have one-to-one availability of Chromebooks or IPads for grades K-5. At Rivendell Academy we have one to one availability of Chromebooks for Grade 6. For grades 7-12 we offer personally assigned laptops for in and out of school use.  


The Rivendell Tech Team is responsible for: 

  • Helpdesk Support 
  • Desktops Support 
  • Network Infrastructure 
  • Student Information System (SIS) 
  • Digital Citizenship/Culture
  • Internet Connectivity 
  • Phones 
  • Email 
  • Training
  • Technology Planning 
  • Technology Purchasing 
  • Web Services 
  • VT State Reporting (SLDS) 
  • E-Rate 
  • Technology Integration 


Each school offers a Guest Network for personally owned devices. There is no password.
No, this is a violation of the RISD Acceptable Use Policy. 
Please email