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Thursday, February 25, 2021


Annual Meeting Information

ANNUAL MEETING: Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no in-person meeting this year.

ANNUAL REPORT: This year’s annual report will be created to be more user friendly, economical, and practical. Our hope is that most community members will be able to access the report electronically on the local listservs and website. We will provide each town office with hard copies and mail hard copies to anyone who emails a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 4th.

VOTING: Voting on the budget and officers will be by Australian ballot. In the interest of keeping our poll-workers safe, we are once again encouraging everyone to vote by mail. Ballots will be mailed to each registered voter in an envelope labeled “Official Rivendell Ballot Enclosed.” If you do not receive your ballot by March 1st, please contact your Town Clerk. Voted ballots must be received at your town office by 3PM March 16th. For those desiring to vote in person or to drop off a ballot, polls will be open at Rivendell Academy 5-7PM on March 16th.

INFORMATION MEETINGS: There will be two information meetings held remotely via Zoom. This is your chance to learn about the budget, ask questions and offer comments. You can dial in on your phone or connect through the internet. 

  • 6:30PM Tuesday, March 9 
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Samuel Morey Elementary School

The Pre K through sixth grade Samuel Morey Elementary School serves approximately 175 students from the towns Orford, New Hampshire and Fairlee, Vermont. The two towns sit on opposite sides of the Connecticut River and are connected by the Fairlee, Orford Bridge. The school is located in Fairlee, and sits in a neighborhood with playground and sports fields. In our renovated school you will find the classrooms to be large, light-filled and conducive to joyful learning.

The Rivendell Interstate School District has two elementary schools with a very thoughtfully prepared Prek-6 continuum of academic study. Our curriculum is standards-based, with a major emphasis on balanced approaches to early literacy proficiency beginning in our kindergarten, which grounds students as they are guided through the grades towards increased mastery and appreciation of reading and writing.

Math and numeracy are also cornerstones of the educational foundation we work to plant under our students, and do in a way that promotes a deep sense of numbers, computational dexterity, and problem solving skills.

Children are also exposed in each grade to an exciting array of inquiry-based project-oriented social studies and science units that capture both the evolving mind and creative spirit of our students, and are tailored to align with self-designed learning goals whenever possible.

The staff at Samuel Morey Elementary School emphasizes high academic expectations for all students and a strong belonging community. We are committed to the principles of the Responsive Classroom model and emphasize core concepts throughout the year.

The goal of the Responsive Classroom is that all students will participate as valued members of the classroom and school community, achieving their personal best and engaging in positive, respectful and cooperative behavior. This is accomplished by creating school and classroom communities that encourage belonging, caring, respect, trust and responsibility. These five core concepts are the thread that holds us together as a community.

We continue to provide a rigorous curriculum that challenges students with the skills, motivation, curiosity and perseverance to succeed on their educational journey. It is a school with a tradition of high academic standards filled with laughter and the joy of learning. Our school is enhanced by a strong partnership between home, school and community who work together for the good of all children.