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Sunday, March 07, 2021


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Information Sessions via Zoom
6:30 pm Tuesday Feb. 23, 2021
6:30 pm Tuesday March 9, 2021
Meetings will be recorded. For access to recordings and instructions on how to connect to the meeting visit www.rivendellschool.org
or call 603-353-2170 x2136.

2021 Annual Report of the Rivendell Interstate School District

Annual Meeting Information

ANNUAL MEETING: Due to COVID restrictions, there will be no in-person meeting this year.

ANNUAL REPORT: This year’s annual report will be created to be more user friendly, economical, and practical. Our hope is that most community members will be able to access the report electronically on the local listservs and website. We will provide each town office with hard copies and mail hard copies to anyone who emails a request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by March 4th.

VOTING: Voting on the budget and officers will be by Australian ballot. In the interest of keeping our poll-workers safe, we are once again encouraging everyone to vote by mail. Ballots will be mailed to each registered voter in an envelope labeled “Official Rivendell Ballot Enclosed.” If you do not receive your ballot by March 1st, please contact your Town Clerk. Voted ballots must be received at your town office by 3PM March 16th. For those desiring to vote in person or to drop off a ballot, polls will be open at Rivendell Academy 5-7PM on March 16th.

INFORMATION MEETINGS: There will be two information meetings held remotely via Zoom. This is your chance to learn about the budget, ask questions and offer comments. You can dial in on your phone or connect through the internet. 


Orford Academy Task Force

April 9, 2009 Abstract of the Orford Academy Assessment and Opinion of Probable Cost

On July 15, 2008, U.K. Architects was awarded the contract to conduct an assessment of the original 1851 Orford Academy building with its 1937 addition. The assessment includes the following items, which can be found as corresponding sections in this report:

  1. Architectural plans and elevations of the existing academy building.
  2. Structural report and drawings indicating existing and required load capacities categorized by potential occupancy uses.
  3. Mechanical, plumbing, and fire protection systems descriptions and recommendations.
  4. A general building code review indicating the allowable height and area categorized by potential occupancy uses.
  5. A general architectural assessment of items likely to require repair work as well as work outlines for three schematic design options.
  6. Three schematic design options based on code analysis and the allowable structural load parameters along with input from the task force regarding the types of uses for the school and community. A preliminary site plan for estimating purposes. The proposed parking plan may require either an easement or land acquisition from the adjacent property owner.
  7. Cost estimates for the general work and the three schematic design options.

The results of this analysis indicated three options for occupancy.

Option 1: Only the first floor would be usable as a mixed-use occupancy mainly for community, school and business functions. This was the least costly option, but also the least inefficient in terms of repeated contractor or tenant remobilization efforts.
Option 2: The entire building would be renovated into a mixed-use occupancy similar to option 1. This option falls in the middle in terms of cost.
Option 3: The entire building would be converted into housing units. This is the most costly option due to the amount of interior work. For this exercise, it was determined that ten units could fit into the existing building, although a range of possibilities exist in how to configure the space, it was beyond the scope of this analysis.

Thank you for the opportunity for us to assist the Rivendell School District and Orford Academy Task Force in working on this historically significant project.
Douglas J. Sonsalla

The report is available in PDF format.

Orford Academy Report (complete)

Existing Plans
Existing Elevations
Structural Report
Structural Drawings
Mechanical Notes
Height & Area Calculations
Proposed Schematic Design Plan Options for Orford Academy
Plan Options
Site Plan
UK Architects Estimate
Construction Estimate

Members of the Taskforce will be attending a future board meeting to discuss the future of the old Orford Academy  Building.