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Sunday, January 26, 2020


A Friday Hello from Mrs. MacQueen

November 7, 2014


Mrs. Waterman's Kindergarten class did a wonderful job hosting Monday's Community Meeting.
During the presentation we introduced this year's core concepts and our ROCKS reward program. The acronym ROCKS was created by students and staff and the words represent the behaviors and actions that define our student. We believe that WES ROCKS because our students are:

    • Responsible
    • Outstanding Scholars
    • Cooperative
    • Kind
    • Safe

When a student demonstrates one or more of the core concepts, he/she will be rewarded with a colored rock to add to a class jar. Once the jar is full, the class will bring their rocks to the office and add them to our school jar. When the school jar is full, we will celebrate with an all school activity.

Teaching our children the importance of behaviors like responsibility and kindness is one of our goals because we know that these concepts can attribute to who our children become in the future. Please support ROCKS by asking your children to display acts of cooperation, kindness and responsibility at home. Together we can make a difference!

November 7, 2014 Newsletter