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Friday, December 13, 2019


A Monday Hello from Mrs. MacQueen

February 25, 2013

Welcome back!
The Friday before break was a perfect day for our first annual WES Winter Carnival; it was 40 degrees outside and the sun was shining bright. The morning started with the students making ice sculptures—five groups built amazing structures that included a volcano, a raptor and a wishing well. We had a quick mid-morning break with cocoa and cinnamon rolls and went right back to the fun with activities like snow bowling, kickball, and sack races. We even had a sledding station set up.

In the afternoon, we were rewarded for making our January Box Top Challenge with an ice cream sundae bar. Hosted by the fifth grade class, all students and staff were served delicious chocolate, vanilla or chocolate swirl ice cream and many tasty toppings like sprinkles, M & M's, Heath Bar, and Oreo cookies. The fifth graders wrote a menu and students filled out an order form before they arrived. It really felt like going to the ice cream parlor. Thanks to Fabienne Stearns and local businesses for donating time and products. Ending our week with winter carnival and ice cream was a great way to send everyone off for vacation happy and smiling. Thank you to everyone who made this day so successful!

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