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Thursday, April 02, 2020


Important Notice

COVID-19 UPDATE (March 15, 2020)
All Rivendell Schools will be closed starting March 15, 2020 for the remainder of the school year
Please check our new section COVID-19 Information on the website

Annual District Meeting 
The Rivendell Interstate School District Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020
at Rivendell Academy has been POSTPONED (tentative date May 5, 2020).

A Monday Hello from Mrs. MacQueen

October 15, 2012

Although the weather did not fully cooperate on Wednesday, the day turned out great! After a short delay, our group of more than 100 people left school with the weather outlook was cloudy with misting rain. We walked to Southworth Park where we gathered before making the trek into the woods. The walk on the trail was bustling with the voices of chattering kids and the excitement to
wse101512 4spend a day outdoors. At the fields at Middlebrook, we were greeted by staff members who brought our lunches and by that time, we were hungry! After eating bag lunches, Chuck Eaton, local wildlife expert, talked to us about animals and trapping. Mr. Kunecki and Mr. Boyce kept everyone busy as well, playing team activities and games. An hour later, arriving back at Southworth Park, a special surprise was waiting for us as Mr. Clark and his wife Mary had the fire well stoked and marshmallows and chocolate ready to eat! The hike wouldn't have been complete without singing in the rain, so as we made our final walk back to school, we made our own music!

wse101512 1The best part of our hike was spending the day together, supporting, encouraging, and getting to know one another better. I was proud of the interactions between our older students and their younger buddies, and the many moments of kindness and caring. Thanks to everyone for an amazing hike, especially the volunteers who made the day so successful.


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