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Tuesday, October 22, 2019


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Samuel Morey is now using a social media to stay connected with families and our communities. Please follow us on Facebook.

Message from the Principal, Steven Lindemann - October 16, 2019

Dear Samuel Morey Parents and Guardians,

Can you believe the beautiful weather we are experiencing this autumn?! I thought that the weather we had for the All School Hike last week would be the end of the string of perfect fall days, but I was wrong. Being out at every recess sure has been a treat for me.

Many thanks to all the parents who participated in my first All School Hike. I enjoyed having the opportunity to chat with some of you as I trekked up and down Sunday Mountain. Also, I wanted to thank the parents and community members who attended the Community Forum at SME last Tuesday and the Friends of Rivendell meeting at Westshire Elementary last Thursday. I learned a great deal about the hopes, dreams and concerns the people in attendance have about the schools in the Rivendell Interstate School District. I have an “open door” policy at SME, and I am usually out in the bus loop every morning if you would like to chat. I can also be reached by phone or email. As I stated in my introductory letter to the community in August, I wanted to work in a smaller school where all students feel known by all the adults who work in the school. I believe Samuel Morey is a school where all students can feel that high level of care and support. I also believe that the Samuel Morey community believes in educating the “whole child”. As I continue to learn about the what makes Samuel Morey unique, I am also working on making tangible changes to improve the learning experience for the students as well as improvements to the learning environment and building.

One way to include the students’ input in improving SME is by forming a School Culture Committee (SCC). This SCC for the Fall trimester is a randomly selected group of two students each from grades 2 through 6. These eight students have met with Music Teacher Elizabeth Duvall and me for the last three weeks to brainstorm ways to improve the culture and/or building. This group has voted to have a Gaga Ball Pit on the playground (see the picture below of the Gaga Ball Pit at Sharon Elementary School). I will be ordering the materials for the Gaga Ball Pit in the coming week, and I will notify you if we need help constructing the Gaga Ball Pit or a source of woodchips to put into the Gaga Ball Pit.

gaga pit web

The SCC also will be having a Sports Team Jersey Day this Friday where all students and staff are encouraged to wear their favorite jersey to show the SME community the high school, college, or professional sports team they support the most. I already have my favorite Liverpool jersey picked out for Friday! The SCC has made other great suggestions (including getting the pot hole in front of the school filled) and getting tetherballs for the playground. There will be two more randomly selected SCCs, one for the Winter trimester and one for Spring trimester.

I will be attending an all day workshop this Saturday in Burlington on how to teach coding to students. Coding is the process of using a programming language to get a computer to behave how you want it to. Every line of code tells the computer to do something, and a document full of lines of code is called a script. Coding helps children with communication, creativity, math, writing, and confidence. I will also be attending an all day workshop on Monday sponsored by the Vermont Principals Association titled “Practical Strategies for Reducing Anxiety and Defiant Behavior in the Classroom”. Superintendent Barrett Williams will be the SME Principal while I am gone that day.

In closing, I again wanted to express my gratitude for all the support I have received from the SME faculty, staff and parents in the first months as the leader of Samuel Morey Elementary School. Have a restful weekend!

Steven Lindemann, SME Principal


It’s Time for the All School Hike!

On Tuesday, October 8th, Samuel Morey will be hiking the Sunday Mountain section of the Cross Rivendell Trail in Orford. This is an annual tradition that helps us build community and spend time outside connecting with nature as a school. Students will need:

  • Layered clothes for our typical cool fall mornings and warm afternoons
  • Closed toed shoes with socks suitable for a hike in the woods (we want to avoid blisters)
  • Full water bottle, a snack and lunch (students may get a bag lunch from school)

We will load the bus at 8:30 a.m. to go to the Sunday Mountain trailhead, and we will return about 2 p.m. There will be a chaperone meeting at 8:00 a.m. in the gym. We love when parents join us for the ASH, so please come along if you like! Parking at the trailhead is very limited, so we strongly recommend chaperones ride the bus with us if they can! On the back of this form is a map of where we will be with the trail outlined.

 Click here to download the permission slip and return it to school with your student. 

Message from the Principal, Steven Lindemann - Sept, 23, 2019

Dear Samuel Morey Parents and Guardians,

Happy Fall! I wanted to start off by expressing my thanks to all the parents, students and staff who helped at the “Garden Party” this past Saturday morning. We moved the mound of dirt in the bus circle, pruned trees, weeded gardens, and chopped down a crab apple tree. The pile of wood from this tree is free for anybody that wants it, just come and pick it up. I believe that taking pride in our school building and grounds helps translate into a positive learning environment.

Last week we determined the six members of the Samuel Morey Spelling Team who will participate in the Vermont Principals Association State Grades 5 & 6 Spelling Bee Team Competition in October. We have four sixth grade students and two fifth grade students on this year’s team. I previously coached the Grade 5 & 6 Spelling Team at my previous school, and I look forward to working with these six students as we represent Samuel Morey Elementary and the Rivendell Interstate School District.

Another new change I am implementing is having a Samuel Morey Elementary School Culture Team (SMESCT), and its purpose is to identify projects/ideas to improve our school/community. The SMESCT is composed of two second grade, two third grade, two fourth grade, two fifth grade and two sixth grade students who were randomly selected to join Music Teacher Elizabeth Duvall and me for a three-month tenure (there will be three different teams during each year-a fall team, a winter team, and a spring team). We will meet three times this fall. The first meeting will be to brainstorm the idea we want to pursue; the second meeting to flesh out the idea; and the third to plan the full execution of the project. More details to come!

Finally, I hope to see you at our Curriculum Night/Open House on October 3rd from 6-7 PM. Have a wonderful week!

Steven Lindemann, SME Principal


Message from the Principal, Steven Lindemann - Sept, 13, 2019

Dear Samuel Morey Parents,

Please consider participating in our Samuel Morey School “Garden Party” on Saturday, September 21st 8:30-11:30 AM. We will be pruning trees, weeding, and getting the raised beds ready for next spring. Below is the list of tasks that the Samuel Morey Grounds Committee determined we should tackle on September 21st. We also listed the desired tools we will need. Please contact me if you have questions. I hope to see you next Saturday!

Steven Lindemann, Principal of SME

“To Do” List
Weed Whack Team

  • Need at least two gas-powered appliances
  • Weed whack school driveways and curbs
  • Weed whack building perimeter, and around the side flower gardens, tree wells and playground areas

Tree Trimming Team

  • Need small chain saw, tree saws, clippers, (wood chipper?)
  • Prune lower branches of 3 white pines near outdoor classroom
  • Prune lower branches of 3 maples around bus driveway
  • Prune lower branches of white pine behind backstop
  • Cut back verbena next to library/school building
  • Prune crab apples along school drive

Earth Moving Team

  • Need earth mover, rototiller, shovels, rakes
  • Move perennials in the center of Bus Loop to flag pole area
  • Level out dirt mounds in Bus Loop and plant grass seed
  • Level out the compost area behind the school dumpsters

Weeding and Mulching Team

  • Need weeding tools, baskets/bags to collect and move weeds, and bales of hay
  • Weed the grey rock area next to the front of the building
  • Weed all the gardens and areas identified below:

Reading Garden

  • Take down lattice work (need carpentry tools)
  • Remove broken barrels and clean up brush
  • Prune crab apple tree
  • Cut back perennials and weed entire area

Special Ed Garden

  • Weed garden and turn the soil
  • Cover with mulch for the winter

Crescent, Three Sisters, and Gordon’s Gardens

  • Cut back, mow, and mulch these areas for winter

Grades 5-6 Raised Beds

  • Weed, turn soil, and mulch with hay

Pre-school Garden

  • Weed

Picnic Table Shed

  • Rake out mulch
  • Trim and weed around poles and drums
  • Clean up hill slide area and weed

Back Side of Gym

  • Trim white pine behind backstop
  • Move black compost bin next to the one on side of cafeteria
  • Weed whack compost area
  • Set up hay pile to add to wet compost materials


Message from the Principal, Steven Lindemann - Sept, 5, 2019


The second week of school went smoothly, and I greatly enjoy popping into classrooms to see what the students are learning. I hope to see you next Thursday at SME at 6 pm for the first Friends of Rivendell meeting for the year. At this meeting I will answer questions, share my ideas about SME and how Friends of Rivendell can support our school. Also, I will share the goals of the newly formed SME Grounds Committee. This group is planning a “Garden Party” to spruce up the SME grounds (weeding, pruning, etc.) on Saturday morning, September 21st. We hope to see you there on Sept. 21 because “many hands make light work”. Have a restful weekend!

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