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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Greetings from Gail

sme10102013-3October 10, 2013

In previous years Cathy Eastburn and the CSO hosted some amazing Halloween Dances for families. There wasn't a Halloween Dance last year and apparently students really missed it because they presented me with a petition signed by many students asking for a Halloween Dance again.

I contacted the CSO for help and they were very eager and willing to help organize this event. You will see in the CSO newsletter a request for parent volunteers to make this dance possible. Please contact Katie Wright if you can help. If we don't get enough parent volunteers the dance will not happen.

The dance is a family dance. Students must be accompanied by a family member. I will be there but do not have the staff to supervise the evening. Also, we don't have "boy/girl" dances at the elementary school so it is important for everyone to know this is a family dance with kindergarten through sixth grades attending.

I love when students take the initiative, organize a petition and present their case to me on why they want something at Samuel Morey. When possible I like to make it happen to show them their voice matters.


Did You Know?

Students in third through sixth grade are taking the NECAPs (New England Common Assessment Program) this month. This is our state assessment tied to Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) which Samuel Morey has met every year. This is the last year for the NECAPs. Next year, spring 2015, students will be taking a new assessment tied to the Common Core Standards. Our students have always done well on the NECAPs because our curriculum aligns with the rigor and expectations of the grade level expectations and assessment. We expect our students to do very well on the new Common Core assessment too, again because we work hard on making sure our curriculum is aligned and has rigor. Much of our professional development time is spent making sure teachers understand the expectations for student learning.

October 10, Newsletter