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Thursday, December 12, 2019


Greetings from Gail

April 5, 2013

Next week we will be hosting guests from New Zealand. They are the Maori Dance Troop. This is a three day residency at both our elementary schools. They will be introducing our students to traditional and modern Maori culture. Students in grades K-6 will participate in art, dance and culture workshops on Monday and Wednesday. Teachers will be reading books about the culture and showing short video clips to give the students some background information.

On Wednesday evening we will celebrate their learning at an evening performance for families at Samuel Morey. All students will have a part. The performance begins at 6:00. We would appreciate if you could have your child/ren here by 5:50.

On Monday morning the dance troop will do a performance for the whole school. During the performance men and women dress in their traditional costumes. The men's Piupius are short, about mid-thigh with a plain black woven edge. The woman wear a Rapaki- like garment similar to the Piupius but also beautifully decorated capes made of flax fiber.