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Thursday, April 02, 2020


Important Notice

COVID-19 UPDATE (March 15, 2020)
All Rivendell Schools will be closed starting March 15, 2020 for the remainder of the school year
Please check our new section COVID-19 Information on the website

Annual District Meeting 
The Rivendell Interstate School District Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020
at Rivendell Academy has been POSTPONED (tentative date May 5, 2020).

Greetings from Gail

October 12, 2012sme101212 1

Last spring our fourth, eighth and eleventh grade students took the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP) science tests. The tests are designed to measure student performance on standards in science. Specifically, the tests are designed to measure the science content and skills that students are expected to have as they complete the K-4, 5-8, and 9-11 grade spans. Each test contains a mix of multiple choice and constructed-response questions. The science test also includes an inquiry session that requires students to answer questions based on results of an actual scientific investigation. Our results are in from the spring 2012 science NECAPs. Both of our elementary schools performed much lower than we would have hoped and expected. The spring 2011 science NECAPS showed
Westshire to have the highest science scores in the state for fourth graders. It is very hard to draw conclusions when the scores each year fluctuate so much. Part of this is because of the small "N" or number of students in our small schools that take the test.

Rivendell, like other schools around the state will be having discussions about the meaning of the test results. We are in the process of examining the results of the assessments at all three grades and using this information to inform our science curriculum, science instruction and science assessment.

School Pictures

I am interested to hear your feedback about your child's school picture this year. Please let me know if you were not satisfied with your child's school picture. I am asking the company to retake the class pictures. I was not happy with the background they used. Retake day will be on November 7th when we will also retake the class pictures