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Wednesday, April 08, 2020


Important Notice

COVID-19 UPDATE (March 15, 2020)
All Rivendell Schools will be closed starting March 15, 2020 for the remainder of the school year
Please check our new section COVID-19 Information on the website

Annual District Meeting 
The Rivendell Interstate School District Annual Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, March 17, 2020
at Rivendell Academy has been POSTPONED (tentative date May 5, 2020).

Greetings from Gail

October 5, 2012sme10052012-7

Students in grades 3 through 8 will participate in the New England Common Assessment Program (NECAP). Students in all of those grades will be tested in reading and mathematics. In addition, students in grades 5 and 8 will be tested in writing. I am hoping you will help us encourage all our students to give the tests their very best effort.

The testing window is October 1st through October 23rd. Your child's teachers will let you know the exact days.

sme10052012 6The NECAP tests were designed to measure your child's progress in meeting Vermont's Grade Level Expectations, or GLEs. The GLEs define the knowledge and skills a student should have mastered by the end of each school year. The grade 3 test, for example, will measure what a student should know and be able to do after completing second grade. The reading test includes short and long reading passages that are followed by several multiple choice questions, as well as one or two "constructed response" questions that require a short written answer. The mathematics test includes multiple choice, short answer, and constructed response questions. The writing test includes multiple choice and constructed response questions, and a single extended writing prompt. A constructed response question requires students to show their work and/or explain their reasoning.

sme10052012 5The New England Common Assessment Program is one tool available to parents and educators to determine how well our school is helping students meet standards and grade level expectations. In every assessment, scores are only as meaningful as the effort students put into the tests. Encourage your child to take the tests seriously and to give his or her best effort. You can best help your child prepare for the assessment by making sure that she or he is rested on the days the tests will be given. And, as with every day, it is critical that students have a good breakfast before heading off to school.

Thank you for supporting your child and our school during the testing period.