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Sunday, January 19, 2020


Greetings From Gail

September 21, 2012

Parents and schools are all concerned about bullying. Our guidance program focuses on bullying, its impact on others and how not to be a bystander. Bullying typically does not emerge from thin air. It starts with small, mean social behaviors.
These small, mean behaviors are what experts call "gateway behaviors." Bullying experts say that if such behaviors go unchecked, they can become accepted as the norm.

At Samuel Morey we try to teach students our "core concepts." We focus on them throughout the year. Our core concepts are: Caring/Kindness, Responsibility, Respect, Fairness, Trustworthiness and Belonging/Citizenship. Each class is responsible for becoming experts in their core concepts. They have bulletin boards highlighting their core concept at the beginning of each school year. They also learned poems, songs or a rap about their concept that they shared at community meeting.

  • Kindergarten and First Grade: Caring/Kindnesssme092121 5e
  • Second Grade: Responsibility
  • Third Grade: Respect
  • Fourth Grade: Fairness
  • Fifth Grade: Trustworthiness
  • Sixth Grade: Belonging/Citizenship.

Building a caring school community is the beginning to addressing bullying at schools. The pictures in this newsletter are pictures of students performing their rap, song or poem at today's community meeting.