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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


Superintendent Updates

June 16, 2020

Dear Rivendell School Community,

This has been a very challenging spring for all of us and we recognize discussing current issues with your family may be difficult. The recent violence and unrest have brought to the attention of the world issues surrounding institutionalized racism within our country. As the Superintendent of Rivendell Interstate School District, I strongly believe in, and actively promote, the ideals of respect, responsibility and safety for all members of our school community.

If you or your child/children need help understanding and processing these tragic events, we strongly encourage you to reach out for help. Our administrators, teachers and counselors are available to answer questions or to process what you are seeing in the news. Though we are distanced, the health and well-being of your family remains of great importance to us. Here are three simple things anyone can do to help oneself and others during this difficult time:

1. Educate yourself (not from Facebook)
2. Talk to people about what you have learned
3. Support your friends and neighbors in need – (e-mail, letter, care package, phone call)

I recognize that social and racial injustice exist in our schools, communities and country. I know and understand that educating ourselves to combat these injustices is of utmost importance to effect change. We will continue to evaluate our practices and participate in future trainings, so we are better able to recognize, identify and respond to implicit bias.

It is my sincere hope that the lessons we learn from this national tragedy will inspire positive change in our respective communities and improve the educational equity that will allow our students the best possible opportunity to learn and thrive.


Barrett Williams
Rivendell Interstate School District

June 16, 2020 Superintendent Letter to the Rivendell Community


June 5, 2020

Dear Rivendell School Community,

I hope this letter finds you all well and safe. It has been a busy time here at the District Office with end of year activities, planning for next year and the annual budget vote. As many of you are aware our budget was defeated last Tuesday. As we begin to plan for the next vote, I want parents and families to know that we are committed to developing dynamic learning opportunities for our students. We will have to make some difficult decisions in the next couple of weeks and ask that you continue to support our efforts to maintain a positive outlook as we think creatively on how to best move forward. The board has voted to hold our next vote on June 30th, and you should expect to receive an absentee ballot and informational correspondences in the next couple of weeks.

Summer Meals:
We are committed to continue providing summer meals to students and can do so with the support of the USDA and state agencies that help provide food to our district. We will prepare a full week of meals (breakfast and lunch) on Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting on June 22nd through August 14th. We currently do not have the capacity to deliver meals through the summer so families will have to arrange for pickup of meals during this time. If you are in dire need of this service, we may be able to find a volunteer from the community to help you out, but as a district we do not have the financial capacity to provide delivery service through the summer. If you would like to sign up for summer meals please e-mail Celise Johnson at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Childcare for Essential Workers:
Much like our meals program our childcare for essential workers program will also require some modifications to its structure. We currently have the capacity to serve 16 kids between the SME and WES campuses. The program will run from 8AM-4PM Monday through Friday from June 22nd through August 14th and will be staffed by current teachers and support staff members. The cost of the program will be $225 per week regardless of how many days your child attends. The reason for the fee now is because we have no way of knowing what financial support our district will receive from the federal government related to COVID-19 expenses and without an approved budget, we as a district, are not in a position to take on additional expenses. If we have more requests, then capacity we will use a lottery system to determine who gets an open slot. Please e-mail your request forms to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. It should also be noted that the current safety procedures recommended by the CDC will be required as part of the program.

Summer Plans:
As summer quickly approaches, I continue to think about the strain COVID-19 has put on families and the potential negative impact this has caused our children. Please know that our administrators, teachers and support staff will continue to be a resource for you even in the summer. If you or your child is struggling, we want to know so that we can do everything in our power to support the children and families we serve. I am still hopeful that we will work out a partnership with other local camps for our families to access and as I mentioned above, we will still be providing meals through the summer. We are exploring ways in which we can provide summer tutoring for individual and small groups of children. Outside of these activities I would encourage everyone to spend as much time outside as possible. Vermont and New Hampshire have wonderful state parks that are relatively inexpensive to visit, and our four towns are linked by the Cross Rivendell Trail, which has an amazing landscape that has easy access.

In closing, I would like to congratulate the Rivendell Academy Class of 2020. I was recently recorded as part of the ceremony video and I can assure you I did not do them justice. Their contributions to the district have been invaluable and their leadership will be greatly missed. While I only had a short time to work with them, I am confident that they will move forward as positive members of our respective communities. They have served as role models for those to come and I/we wish them the very best in any and all endeavors they pursue. COVID-19 has put them in the history books and they have handled the situation with dignity and grace. I want to thank the graduating class for their flexibility, understanding and determination through all of this. They will be greatly missed, and we wish them all the very best!!!

Thank You,
Barrett Williams
Superintendent Rivendell Interstate School District

Rivendell Superintendent Parent Communication June 6, 2020


Week of May 14, Superintendent Update

May 15, 2020

Dear Rivendell School Community:

It is incredibly challenging to remain positive and keep that sense of hope during these difficult times. I myself routinely have felt a sense of frustration that I very rarely encounter. I can only imagine the challenges that our students, parents and families are experiencing. I strongly encourage everyone to take a step back when experiencing these feelings and do something that is good for your social emotional wellbeing. Please also know that we as administrators, teachers and support staff are here to help support our students and families. We will get through this crisis and we will be stronger as a result when it’s all said and done.

Last Day:

The Rivendell School District has traditionally followed New Hampshire statute which requires 180 student days for the school year. The New Hampshire statue also allows for districts to base the school year on contact hours, which many are doing as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. These districts will be ending school around Memorial Day and using the additional days for teachers to participate in professional development, reflect upon how to improve distance instruction and to begin planning for the start of school next year. As an interstate district we are obligated, at minimum, to meet the Vermont statue of 175 student days, which means our last student day will be June 5th.

Information Meetings/Budget Vote:

The board is hosting its second information meeting on May 19th at 6PM and is intended to target the folks who plan to show up at the polls to vote and those who are undecided and have not returned an absentee ballot. The meeting will be conducted via Zoom, which can be accessed by coping and pasting the link from the listserv posting. In addition, we will provide the link on our webpage for people to access and it is embedded below in this document. I would also encourage folks to use the budget question e-mail below if you have a question that has not been addressed in the Q&A document on our webpage. You have probably noticed an increase in communication from board members on the local listservs encouraging people to vote. In conjunction with this, we as an administrative team, have been sharing positive stories about the district and all the good work our faculty and staff have done during the COVID-19 crisis. Thank you for your continued support as we recognize that we could not be successful without the partnership we have with you as parents.

E-mail for budget questions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Zoom Meeting: https://zoom.us/j/93179139794?pwd=UXFVUWx3YzhZTk5UR05DclVJcERsUT09

Summer Programming:

The agency of education has yet to provide guidance about summer programs and is waiting for recommendations from the CDC and Department of Health. There are still many questions about the number of people they will allow in a program, required PPE equipment adults and kids might have to use and how to respond if someone in the program test positive for COVID-19. With so many unanswered questions about the safety procedures and precautions we have decided not to run a program this summer. We are, however, meeting with some of the local camps to see if we can develop a partnership of sorts that would allow our students access to day programming options. I will keep you posted as we continue to think about and discuss what this will look like.|

School Materials – Returning and Picking Up:

Each school will be communicating with parents directly on how they will schedule the returning of materials, books and electronic devices. Middle school and high school students will have lockers to cleanout and other materials that will need to be brought home for the summer. We have issued over 100 electronic devices to students during this crisis and it will be important for us to have these returned over the summer to ensure proper maintenance and updates are installed.

Summer Meals:

Currently, each state is suggesting that schools continue to provide meals throughout the summer, which I am in complete agreement with. We will be sending out a survey to families next week to see what the level of need is in our district and then coordinate with our food service team to develop a plan on how to best offer this service.

Fall Reopening Plan:

Parents and families are beginning to ask questions about next year and what that will look like. While I am optimistic that we will be able to provide in person instruction the reality is there is no way to predict the unknown. Vermont and New Hampshire have both created task force committees charged with creating a document that will guide our schools in how to best reopen in the fall. Much of this work is focused on how to keep faculty, staff and students safe. We have been told to expect this guidance near the end of June. Our faculty and staff have begun planning already but will certainly need this guidance as we move forward.

Thank you,

Barrett Williams

Rivendell Interstate School District 



Week of April 13 Superintendent Update

April 13, 2020

Dear Rivendell School Community:

I would like to start by thanking all of you for your continuous support during these past four weeks. To put it mildly, these are challenging times with lots of unanswered questions. I have outlined answers to some of those questions below. As always, I will keep you informed as new information becomes available.

6th Grade: The situation we are facing with COVID-19, along with the limitations and challenges of an uncertain budget, led us to the decision that at this time it would be irresponsible to shift our 6th grade to the Academy next year. We are, however, committed to the change and will take the time between now and SY 21-22 to plan, hire and implement this initiative. For SY 20-21 each elementary school will have their own fifth grade and next year’s sixth grade will remain combined at SME.

Spring Sports: We anticipate the VPA making a final decision on spring sports by April 30th. We will wait for further guidance from the VPA on this issue before taking steps. At this time, it is unlikely the VPA will choose to offer spring sports based on the stay-at-home order through May 15th.

April Break: Last week superintendents across the state were directed by the VT Secretary of Education to follow current school calendars, but I submitted a request for a variance to the AOE based on our interstate status. The variance was approved, and as such, we will have a modified April break next week. I recognize that families and staff are affected differently by this shift to remote learning. Many are settling into the new schedule and prefer to continue teaching and learning, while others are feeling overwhelmed and need a break. In an effort to best meet the needs of everyone we will be off on Monday, April 20th and Friday, April 24th giving everyone back-to-back long weekends. We will maintain our academic programing Tuesday, April 21st through Thursday, April 23rd, which will offset our three snow days and allow us to get out of school earlier in June. We will not be providing meals or essential childcare on the two days we are off.

Items Left at School by Students: When the stay-at-home order is lifted by the Governor, we will come up with a process for students to access any items they have left at school and will work to create a pick-up system. Until the Governor’s order is lifted, we are not allowing public access to our schools. School districts have been advised to close campuses to the public to help promote the idea of social distancing.

If you have questions or concerns about the above information or other general information, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail. I am in the office daily and will respond to you as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Barrett Williams

Superintendent, Rivendell Interstate School District
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Rivendell Remote Learning Plan (posted April 8, 2020)

April 8, 2020

Dear Rivendell School Community,
For the past three weeks you have continued to show great fortitude in dealing with our school closure and distance learning. I appreciate all feedback as we continue to grow and improve upon how we can educate our students and support our families. During this time our administrative team has been meeting to discuss how to move forward into Phase 2 of our remote learning. There has been plenty of guidance from both states that we have considered and used in the development of our plan. Please know that we fully expect to run into challenges and will continue to look for creative solutions as needs arise. I have outlined below some of the recommendations that we have utilized to guide our work and feel confident that we have created a platform that will allow students to learn, stay connected and feel cared for between now and the end of the year.


1. Continuous learning opportunities means that teachers are providing students with content, materials, and resources that allow students to engage in academic work while at home. These opportunities will differ for different age groups and grades. Instructional models may include blending of non-technology and virtual platforms. Students on IEPs and 504 plans will receive accommodations and services outlined in their Distance Learning Plans.

2. Students should have weekly assignments, projects and if possible, check-ins. The recommended guidelines for student commitment each day are as follows:

  • Pre-k: 30-45 minutes
  • K-1: 45-60 minutes
  • Grades 2-3: 60-75 minutes
  • Grades 4-6: 90-105 minutes
  • Grades 7-12: 30 minutes per teacher for a maximum of three hours per day

3. We should be mindful of the stressors on students, families, and educators. As we continue to implement “remote instruction” we will gather feedback from students, parents, teachers, and administrators who might be overwhelmed by new responsibilities and routines as they diligently work to maintain student learning during this crisis. We recommend parents/students/teachers/learning coaches and administrators take movement/wellness breaks every 30 minutes.

4. We recognize that continuous learning opportunities are important but place a greater value on the social-emotional needs and the overall health of our students and families. In our efforts to meet the social-emotional needs of our students and families the administration is asking that we integrate the following into our remote learning plan:

  • Focus on essential learning for students - “Less is More”
  • Be flexible and ready to adapt when needs arise
  • Emphasize relationships in this new learning environment
  • Encourage use of materials, resources and platforms that are already in use
  • Extend grace to all in these unique and trying times

Please contact me with any questions you might have, be mindful of social distancing, wash your hands, stay safe and be strong. We miss you all greatly and look forward to improving upon how we support and teach you during this difficult time.


Barrett Williams
Rivendell Interstate School District
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Parents and students will be able to access assignments and activities on the Rivendell Remote Learning site as of April 20th, which will be located on our webpage. All students should use this platform to access communication and assignments as a first step each day. All communication methods and assignments will be based upon the age of the child and in accordance with state recommendations. We will also continue to provide weekly activities in the different specials’ classes (Library, Music, PE, Art, and Guidance), as these are as much a part of your child's education as any subject.

Teachers will have daily Office Hours for easy access and communication. Teachers will be able to set up group video conferences, provide online video lessons, and will be available for one-on-one assistance through whatever means families have available. Our goal is to design material/lessons that are engaging and relevant to students, as we recognize the challenges families face with distance learning. The ability to introduce new concepts will be challenging for all students, and as such, we will focus on skill development and focus on providing more depth of existing knowledge. We believe this will allow students and parents to successfully participate in the new and unfamiliar remote learning school day.

Each family will be assigned an 'Academic Advisor' who will be in contact with you weekly and available as needed daily while school is closed. Their role is to assist both students and parents with the activities and lessons, as well as to make sure you have what you need. The advisors are made up of our support staff and instructional specialists (such as our reading, behavior and math specialists). The academic advisor role is to re-establish a connection with our students and to advocate any needs that exist in the household. We as a district will do everything possible to assist you directly or connect you with someone who can.

Our goal is to begin using this platform and outline starting the week of April 20th. In the next two weeks we will be designing and populating it with student resources and lesson plans. We expect that there will be some unknown challenges and will keep you informed with any changes or adjustments we might have to make.


Regardless of the platform that we use for learning it is essential that we work together as a school community to be successful. Our expectations are outlined below for everyone to review and use as a guide between now and the end of the school year.

1. Get daily assignments from the Remote Learning site and follow attendance procedure.
2. Contact your Academic Advisor if you have questions or need help.
3. Contact your teacher during Office Hours (teachers will note on their Remote Learning page Office Hours) with questions.
4. Attend any online meetings your teachers invite you to.
5. Submit all assigned work as requested by your teacher(s).

1. Post lessons on the Remote Learning site between 8:00 and 8:30 am.

  • Math/Science are posting on Monday/Wednesday
  • Language Arts/Social Studies on Tuesday/Thursday.
  • Specials are posting on Friday = Art, Music, PE/Health, Library, Language

2. Be online and ready to answer questions and help during two daily office hours:

  • 8:45-9:45 a.m.
  • 1:45-2:45 p.m.

3. Let students and parents know of online meeting times (for video conferencing and live teaching/help) on the Remote Learning site and through any daily communication.
4. Communicate any expected work to be completed and when it is due.
5. Answer parent or student emails in a timely manner.
6. Contact specific Academic Advisors about students needing extra support.


1. Try to create a designated, distraction-free workspace.
2. Help your child access daily work on the Remote Learning site and make sure attendance procedures are being followed.
3. Help your child maintain a daily routine and schedule for learning as suggested by the teachers’ lessons and student expectations.
4. Help your child plan daily work into reasonable time periods.
5. Help your child post, submit, or virtually hand in any work by the due date and time.
6. Communicate any questions or concerns with the school-assigned learning coach as needed.
7. Contact teachers via email with further questions or concerns.


1. Contact each family on your list by phone or video conference at least 2x per week or as needed.
2. Be familiar with the lessons for your students on the Remote Learning site.
3. Offer student help via phone, Facetime, or other online platforms as needed.
4. Communicate any questions or concerns to the appropriate teacher as soon as possible.
5. Maintain a record of contact made with each student and family.

Please know that this is a working document that we will modify as needed between now and the end of the year. Also, we recognize the need to be flexible with families during this transition and look forward to working with you to make this transition as smooth as possible. We continue to appreciate your support and willingness to play an active role in the success of your child/children’s education and overall well-being. Please continue to be safe in the coming weeks and months.

Best Regards,

RISD Administrative Team
Barrett Williams, Superintendent
Keri Gelenian, Head of School RA
Melissa Zoerheide, Principal WES
Steve Lindemann, Principal SME
Jan Cole, SPED Director
Brenda Gray, Human Resource Director

March 27, 2020

RISD Closure for the Rest of the School Year

Dear Rivendell School Community,

I am sorry to inform you that Rivendell Interstate School District will close our schools for in-person instruction for the remainder of the school year based on a recent decision at the state level to try and help manage the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this closure we are required to implement continuity of learning plans for remote learning. This is a shift in how we have approached remote learning and will require our faculty and staff to think about how to make remote student learning more rigorous in nature with learning outcomes and accountability procedures for our students. As we take on these new challenges, we ask for your continued support and thank you for your understanding.

Like many of you, I was very sad to hear the news about the closing of schools for the remainder of the year. My heart goes out to all our kids and families who are experiencing financial and other hardship, missing friends, traditions, sports and other educational opportunities. These are difficult times that I am certain we will successfully navigate and in some ways be better as a result.

I am including some resources and guidance that has been provided by the state:

Internet Access Opportunities:

  • Spectrum/Charter is offering free Wi-Fi to new subscribers who have a student in grades K-12 and/or college for 60 days (Call 1-844-579-3743 to enroll).
  • X-finity/Comcast is offering free Wi-Fi to low-income families for 60 days and free Wi-Fi
    hotspots to everyone.
  • AT&T has removed all data restrictions and is offering internet access to low-income families for $10 per month; their Wi-Fi hotspots will be free to everyone.
  • Cox Communications has removed data restrictions for all and are offering the first month
    free for new customers. They also offer a reduced rate of $9.95 for households with at least one K-12 student and participate in a government assistance program.
  • Sprint and Century link have removed data restrictions.
  • The Federal Communications Commission has a list of companies and organizations that have signed the Keep Americans Connected Pledge.

Forthcoming Guidance:

  • Address student attendance and school calendar requirements;
  • Clarify procedural requirements for compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities
    Act (IDEA);
  • Focus district efforts on ensuring equitable access to high quality instruction and
    learning opportunities;
  • Describe how end of the school year gatherings and graduations will be handled;
  • Develop the format and submission parameters of a School Districts Continuity of
    Learning Plan which will be required to be submitted to the Agency by close of business
    on Wednesday April 8, 2020.

We have so many unanswered questions, which in my experience can lead to heightened anxiety levels. I would encourage us all to slow down, breathe deeply and take it one day at a time. We have an amazing faculty and staff who are working tirelessly to improve upon every aspect of the educational opportunities we are providing your child/children. I will continue to keep the school community updated as new information becomes available. Thank you once again for your continued support and compassion as we work to make the best of a difficult situation.

Best regards,

Barrett Williams
Rivendell Interstate School District

RISD Closure for the Rest of the School Year


Letter from Barrett Williams

February 14, 2020

Letter from Barrett Williams, Superintendent

Letter from Barrett Williams

December 11, 2019

Letter from Barrett Williams, Superintendent 

Rivendell Appoints New Principals

May 30, 2019
Dear Rivendell Community,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Steven Lindemann as principal of Samuel Morey Elementary School and Timm Judas as principal of Westshire Elementary School effective July 1, 2019. Many thanks to all who helped with the search process.

The board decided at its April 4th meeting to return to the model of one principal dedicated to each school. The 13-person search committee was charged with finding two leaders to work as peers in making our schools the best they can be. The committee met with teachers, parents, and community members to identify what to look for in a candidate. Communication and interpersonal skills ranked high on the list, along with a demonstrated capacity to solve problems and build trust. School climate, behavior, and instructional leadership were also common themes. The committee looked through applications, conducted initial interviews, and set up a schedule for each of the finalists to spend a full day at the schools. This process played out over several weeks with the first two candidates visiting May 6th and the final two May 22nd. (If it feels like you’ve been waiting for a long time for an official announcement, you are right!) Reference checking started as soon as each finalist was identified. After each round of visits, the committee met to review feedback from teachers, staff, parents, community members and share what was learned from reference-checking. While some conversations took longer than others, the committee made the unanimous decision to recommend these two candidates to the school board.

Steve Lindemann started his education career teaching English to prospective baseball players, first in the Dominican Republic and then in the US working for the LA Dodgers. Shifting to elementary school education, he taught Kindergarten, 1st grade and 4th grade in Potsdam NY, before moving to VT and teaching 5th/6th grade math and science for 17 years. He became the assistant principal at Mary Hogan Elementary School in Middlebury in 2013 and served as interim principal this past year. He holds masters degrees in international management, elementary education, and educational leadership.

Timm Judas was the art teacher at Newbury Elementary School for eight years before teaching art and music at Oxbow for fifteen years. Throughout that time he worked to integrate arts across the curriculum and connect with rural community histories. He was involved in numerous school and community projects including a preschool, after-school programs, and theater and music productions. While teaching at Oxbow, he completed a masters degree and advanced graduate work in art education at Plymouth State. Since 2012 he has been teaching art education at Plymouth State and currently serves as the coordinator of graduate and undergraduate art education programs.

While changes in leadership can be challenging, we see this as an exciting opportunity to assemble a team of exceptional leaders to move the district forward. We look forward to working with this team.

The Rivendell School Board

Superintendent Chosen!


Contact: Marc DeBois

Phone: (603) 493-0508

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">


                                      RIVENDELL PICKS NEW LEADER

Barrett Williams, longtime Sharon Elementary School principal, tapped as

Rivendell Interstate School District Superintendent


Orford, NH (April 16, 2019) The Rivendell Interstate School District Board is pleased to announce the appointment of Barrett Williams as superintendent of schools effective July 1, 2019.

A Vermont native, Mr. Williams attended Bradford public schools. He received his education degree at Husson College in Bangor, Maine, and his Master of Education at UVM. After teaching and serving as a an administrator in Tunbridge and Chelsea, he became principal of Sharon Elementary School where he has served for the past 11 years. At Sharon, Mr. Williams prized his connection with students, but he became known as a relentless promoter and developer of new programs and initiatives, including pre-school, farm to school, outdoor programs and more. These new ideas attracted enrollment. Total enrollment at Sharon increased from 84 students to 163 today, and Sharon is now at full capacity, one of the very few schools in the Upper Valley in that position.

The Search Committee, chaired by RISD vice chair Kathy Hooke of Vershire, was impressed by how well Mr. Williams matched their ambitious goals. “Teachers and community members told us that they loved Rivendell’s family-like atmosphere, innovative teaching and commitment to opportunities for students. They wanted us to find a skilled communicator, a proven innovator with the ability to see the connections that could lead to new programs and opportunities, and above all a leader with expertise and enthusiasm to take what we love about Rivendell and help us grow. Barrett checked all those boxes with professionalism and the disarming Vermont humor that we love.”

Mr. Williams lives in Thetford with his wife and son. He is a youth sports enthusiast, outdoorsman, and storyteller.  

Rivendell’s status as an Interstate district creates a host of opportunities, but also presents complicated requirements for management and reporting. In recognition of this challenge, RISD has retained the services of retired Lebanon superintendent Dr. Mike Harris to mentor Mr. Williams in his first year on the job. Dr. Harris served most recently as Lyme’s superintendent and was RISD’s interim superintendent 2016 to 2017. Board chair, Marc DeBois, states “We recognize that this is a challenging job. Dr. Harris’s long service to school districts in New Hampshire and to Rivendell will help make for a smooth and effective transition.”

The Rivendell Interstate School District was founded in 1998 to serve the children of Orford, New Hampshire and the Vermont towns of Fairlee, West Fairlee and Vershire. Rivendell has become known for its innovative approach to education that places the student at the center of deep authentic learning. The district is proud of its commitment to rigorous education for all students regardless of background or socio-economic status. It offers full-day preschool, afterschool and summer programming, and numerous opportunities for older students to deepen their learning through independent projects, internships and travel abroad. Rivendell’s three schools, Samuel Morey Elementary, Westshire Elementary and Rivendell Academy consistently rank among the best in Vermont and New Hampshire.

Superintendent Search Update


March 2019
Dear Rivendell Community,
The Rivendell Interstate School District is actively engaged in the process of searching for a new Superintendent of Schools. The search committee is composed of Brenda Gray, Keri Gelenian, Kirsten Surprenant, Rachael Weber, Makalia Oakes, Jess Cheney, Rebecca Wurdak, Kathy Hooke and David Ricker. Over the past several weeks the committee has met several times to look though resumes, review the job description, and identify what we are looking for in a candidate. We also held focus groups with teachers and community members. Some common themes emerged: we are looking for an excellent communicator who will be able to build relationships within the schools and larger community; a leader with expertise, enthusiasm and humor, capable of handling many responsibilities and making hard decisions; someone who will take what we love about Rivendell (small caring community, innovative teaching, commitment to special opportunities for our students) and help us grow. Based on these criteria, we narrowed the field down to three candidates for a first round of interviews. Of these, we identified one who we would like to advance to the next level. Since new applications continue to come in, we will keep the search open until the hiring process is completed. At this time, we are excited to invite you to meet our candidate under active consideration. We strongly encourage you to attend and participate in a community conversation with the candidate and submit feedback for the committee to consider. Included is a draft of the job description as you consider the role of the Superintendent in our district.

superintendent meeting dates

We hope to see you and welcome your participation and feedback.

Communication from RISD Board

Communication from RISD Board 01 14 19

Communication from RISD Board January 14, 2019

Student Enrollment

student enrollment

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Enrollment fluctuates throughout the year.

student enrollment08242016

student enrollement

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Enrollment fluctuates throughout the year.

Letter from the School Board and Superintendent

To the Rivendell Community:

Please read the letter with important information from the School Board and Superintendent.

Click here to download the letter.