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Wednesday, June 07, 2023



Organization Links

The following is an alphabetical list of partners and other organizations integral to our work.  We thank each one for the role that they play to complement and deepen our work, and help our students to be their best.  (Links to all organizations are provided as a courtesy and are not maintained or monitored by RISD).

      Dartmouth College (Tucker Foundation)

As one of the premier colleges in this country, Dartmouth has a long commitment to engaging with area schools. Rivendell is fortunate to have many long standings links with Dartmouth and some ones that have grown from our programs. These include

    • Dartmouth mentors for seventh grade girls and boys groups
    • Reading partners for elementary students
    • Interns as teachers in training
    • Summer program assistants
    • College courses for our students who wish to take courses beyond our curriculum

      Flow of History

In 2004, Rivendell received a national grant from History Harvest to support Flow of History, federal funds that focus on instruction in American history and improved literacy. Rivendell is a host school for these funds which serve a variety of schools along the Connecticut River. The grant provides professional development training and resources to elementary and secondary school teachers on the use of primary source documents (local history), and historical literature in the classroom.

      Montshire Museum of Science

Rivendell's partnership with the Montshire began five years ago when the two organizations began to discuss the ways in which the museum could collaborate with Rivendell to enhance science education in the classroom, and in the process connect the Montshire more closely with the work of schools.

In 2005, with the availability of funds through the Cox foundation, the Montshire began to meet with Rivendell teachers of science K-8 to map out the beginning of a formal collaboration. The focal point of the our collaboration has been enhancing inquiry-based science in the K-5 classroom, and tying that work to classroom assessment.

The partnership has subsequently brought Dartmouth College into the collaborative, thanks to generous funding from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Dartmouth mentors help Rivendell students explore concepts in science and engineering and build their inquiry skills. A celebration of this partnership was held at the Montshire where Dartmouth interns, Rivendell students and museum staff came together to demonstrate the fusion of science, mentorship and learning.

Funding from Wellborn has helped to expand the partnership into Rivendell's summer programs and afterschool initiatives.

Teachers have reported that this enhanced partnership is improving not only the instruction of science but students' understanding and love of science.

      National School Reform Faculty (NSRF)

NSRF is a professional development initiative that focuses on developing collegial relationships, encouraging reflective practice, and rethinking leadership in restructuring schools -- all in support of increased student achievement.

      NH Department of Education

      Rivendell Trails Association 

Rivendell Trail Association (RTA) is a local, non-profit organization dedicated to maintenance of the Cross Rivendell Trail, community integration and involvement in efforts on the CRT, and place-based education on the CRT. The Rivendell Trails Association promotes the CRT as new avenue for recreation in the four towns of the Rivendell Interstate School District. We encourage students, faculty, community members and others to enjoy the CRT as an outdoor classroom and we hope that it helps connect our current and future generations to the history, ecology and culture of their home landscape. The RTA meets most months to set priorities, organize events and share ideas. RTA members include students, Rivendell faculty, community members and the general public.

History Along the Cross Rivendell Trail

As you walk along the Cross Rivendell Trail through town and woods, by rivers and over mountains, you are encountering evidence of local, state and national history. This website is designed to explore historical themes found on the trail by using the landscape, photographs and primary documents. In addition, a number of sites have links to teacher activities that focus on the use of primary documents and provide pathways to further historical investigations.

River Bend Career and Technical Center

River Bend Career & Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont provides innovative technical education programs for students from seven area high schools and for adults. With an emphasis on experiential learning, students here have a chance to experience what their chosen career might be like after their training is completed.

River Bend Career and Technical Center Adult Education 

River Bend Career & Technical Center in Bradford, Vermont offers a wide range of educational opportunities for adults. RBCTC offers traditional night time courses at the Center and now offers on-line courses. 

      Town Links

Fairlee, VT

West Fairlee, VT

Vershire, VT

Orford, NH

Upper Valley Business and Education. Partnership (UVBEP)

The Upper Valley Business and Education Partnership connects classrooms, communities and careers in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont. They help Rivendell students explore training and long-term workplace opportunities in the greater Upper Valley through a variety of programs:

    • Everybody Wins- (elementary reading partners)
    • Junior Achievement- (all grades)
    • Job Shadowing (Grade 8)
    • Internships (HS)
    • Externships (teachers)
    • Career Carnival (HS)

      Upper Valley Educators Institute (UVEI)

The UVTI trains teachers and offers professional develop to educators in the Upper Valley. We are fortunate to be assisting in the training of new teachers as interns in our schools. This year we began a collaborative project with UVTI: the Great Teaching Project that will assist all of us in supporting new teachers as they enter the profession and will keep them in the profession. We are delighted that UVTI chose Rivendell as a partner in this mentor project.

      Upward Bound at Lyndon State

Upward Bound at Northern Vermont University @ Lyndon is a program for modest income, first-generation students (parents/guardians do not have a four-year college degree) interested in going to college. The program serves seventy five area high school students from Northern Vermont and New Hampshire.

Upward Bound students spend six weeks of their summer on the campus of Northern Vermont University @ Lyndon. They spend four hours of college preparatory course work during the mornings, three hours of volunteer work in the community each afternoon, and evenings are reserved for a variety of activities designed to expand their educational opportunities and promote cultural and inter-personal growth to further prepare them for post-secondary education.

For more information, visit https://www.northernvermont.edu/academics/non-traditional-students/upward-bound/lyndon-upward-bound/

      VT Department of Education

      Vermont Principals Association (VPA)

The Vermont Principals’ Association is a nonprofit alliance of education leaders collaborating on mentoring, professional development and networking while overseeing Vermont’s co-curricular activities.