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Saturday, May 08, 2021



Board Members

Marc DeBois (Chair) (O) 2022
Katherine Blanchard at large  2022
Vanessa DeSimone (O) 2024
David Gagner (appointed) (F) 2023
Kathy Hooke (Vice Chair) (V) 2023
Jason Knowles (F) 2022
Sarah Molesworth  (WF) 2024
Clement Powers (F) 2024
David Ricker (O) 2023
Nate Thames (V) 2024
Rebecca Wurdak (WF) 2022
Christopher Crowley (Auditor)   2024
David Hook (Moderator)   2022
Tami Sullivan (Clerk)   2022


Dear Samuel Morey Parents and Guardians,

This week certainly felt like spring and the students enjoyed playing outside during recess and eating lunch outside again.

Report cards will be sent home on Wednesday March 31.  Students in grades K through 5 will bring their report cards home with them.  We will mail sixth grade report cards.

The Everybody Eats program is available again to all families in our school district.  If you are interested in participating in the program, you may complete this confidential sign up form;


I hope you have a restful weekend.