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Wednesday, June 07, 2023



Committee on Learning (COL)


  1. Improve instruction and learning through action research based on research and theory
  2. Focus on staff development, with a lens on data and district goals
  3. Encourage and support innovation
  4. Explore curricular dilemmas

Spring 2011

Voice and choice in learning though Collaborative Inquiry Projects


Investigating and fostering deep intellectual conversations and academic language in the classroom through collaborative action research


Investigating how deep intellectual conversations support writing and how writing supports deep intellectual conversation in every subject across the curriculum.

    • Extend student understanding of content and use of academic language
    • Develop ideas, opinions and voice
    • Organize thinking for writing pieces
    • Develop a shared pre-k-12strategies
    • Make connections to Common Core Standards
    • Evaluate student writing


Working in groups to develop and revise questions related to student learning, and plan an investigation, gather data, record and analyze data from classrooms, and present results to colleagues


Planning professional development and project based learning


Planning professional development and project based learning


  1. Meeting times monthly.
  2. Appropriate representation from each school (2-3 teachers per school site).
  3. Facilitation / Notes
  4. Agendas are developed in the last 20 minutes of each meeting
    • Review data to identify instructional needs
    • Review research that addresses instructional needs
    • Frame learning and development around the issue(s)
    • Reflect