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Tuesday, January 25, 2022




Under the guidance of music teacher veterans Anna Alden, Bonnie Blake, and Dylan Bolles, the Rivendell District is steadily building a strong and vibrant curriculum of music instruction and educational programs despite limited resources. Two instructors (one of whom performs with the Vermont Symphony Orchestra) have been hired, for the equivalent of a full-time staff person, to broaden the music programs’ capacity. While many of our instruments are still rented externally, we do now own a piano and, through school renovations, have access to an excellent performance-quality stage. There are now six choruses throughout the district, an extremely popular school band, and an active roster of community concerts and performances. Computers for composition have been placed in both the music classroom and the computer lab where students can explore composition and theory with new music software “Sibelius” and “Noteflight”. Finally, built into the program each year are several professional development opportunities to insure that our music educators remain connected to the latest curricular developments and educational approaches.

Anna, Bonnie, Dylan, and their team are determined to introduce music to children at an earlier age, implement mandatory music course requirements for students and integrate music education at all levels. Each year, the music department budget increases and we are now part of an intra-school Arts Committee, devoted to providing quality experiences for our children. Unlike other districts, we are instituting a mandatory K-12 music curriculum based on the National Music Standards with appropriate assessments and benchmarks along the way; our plan is to have a student arts portfolio that follows them from Kindergarten through High School allowing students, parents, teachers and administration to follow the progress of each student and evaluate the success of the program. Our mission is to provide a nurturing environment for students to learn to express themselves in music and to provide valuable authentic experiences with the hope that the quality of their experience will improve their lives and education.

Contact: Anna Alden, Dylan Bolles, and Bonnie Blake.