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Monday, August 20, 2018




July 26, 2018 Family Letter from Julie Donahue

Dear Rivendell Elementary Families, 
I am so excited to begin the year as the principal of Westshire and Samuel Morey Elementary Schools. I have oeen spending my summer getting to know the systems, and working closely with Dr. Arbour, Mrs. MacQueen,  Mr. Gelenian, and all of the wonderful teachers in our district. I am so excited to start learning about all the students and families as the year begins. I am proud to continue the wonderful traditions of both elementary schools, and then work to align curriculum arid processes to be sure our students are getting the best education possible. 

A little about me:

  • Where am I from?  I grew up in Rhode Island (on the ocean) and have moved steadily north throughout my education and teaching/administrative career. Though I love Northem New England, I do sometimes miss my ocean roots!
  • Funniest childhood story? My brother and I were in a sailing race (he was the driver and I was the "first mate"). Due to a big error on our catamaran, I fell out out of the boat backwards . He kept racing and won the race.
  • What did I do before becoming an administrator? I taught high school English and Theatre for about 14 years before becoming an administrator (if you hear show tunes coming from the office, don't be alarmed!) I then was an administrator for 6 years before joining your schools.
  • Are you a mom? YES! My son, Elias, will be joining our school as a kindergartener - we have recently moved to Orford . I also have three step children who live in Montpelier during the week - Isaak (16), Marshall (15), and Ireland (12).
  • What do you do when you aren't working? I love all water activities - swimming, boating, fishing. I love to read, and I LOVE to sing (though my singing can get a few eye rolls from my older kiddos). I also love Cooking. I travel to see my mom and dad - who live on a lake in NH, and I love road trips to see far away friends. I also really enjoy watching my guilty pleasure - Grey's Anatomy.
  • What did you want to be when you were little? The President, a ballerina, or a lifeguard.



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