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Thursday, August 21, 2014



Visions After School

2014 Visions Family Celebration

Let's go swim, play, and eat! Thursday, June 5th we are celebrating the end of VISIONS for the 2013-20124 school year! We are holding our picnic at the Pastures Campground in Orford. There are play structures, a horseshoe pit, ping pong table, space to run, as well as a pool! Families and students are welcome from 3:00PM to 6:00PM.

VISIONS students and families who participated at any time during the year are welcome.

We are hiring busses to transport all students to the campground. The expected arrival at the campground is 3:00 PM.

Don't forget:

  • A dish to share
  • Bathing suit (no bikinis)
  • Towel & plastic bag for wet clothes
  • A hat, sunscreen & bug spray
  • Wear your VISIONS Tie-Dye shirt!

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SummerScapes 2014

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Visions Program at Rivendell

Click here to see a video where students describe the Rivendell Visions Program
On December 13, 2011, the Visions Afterschool Program hosted a site visit from the State of Vermont 21st Century team. They spent the day talking to staff, students and administrators about Visions, and used the afternoon to visit our three afterschool programs. We received very high marks for the programming we provide our students. They were impressed with our staff and inspired by our kids. We were highly commended for our structure and organization at all three sites. They said we have set the bar “very high” and are doing an outstanding job serving families in the Rivendell district. A heartfelt thanks to all of you for your commitment and support of Visions. This program is outstanding because of those who volunteer their time and effort.

Community Service

Community service is very important to all of us at Rivendell. We ask students to take part in atleast one workshop during the year (one hour a week) to help the people and places around our towns. Please encourage your child to share with the Rivendell community.

Video clips from the Visions Program

Students from the Thayer School of Engineering are working with Rivendell Visions students to get kids excited about math and science. During this trip they built towers, boats, and rockets.

The Visions program at Westshire is meant to provide quality afterschool enrichment activities for Kindergarteners- 6th graders.

The after school time begins with attendance, a healthy snack, and we talk about what the kids have to look forward to for the day. Every day, we separate in to groups for our Homework Cafe and reading time for an hour or so. The Kindergarteners working on their letters and number along with hands on bulding with legos and assorted games. The first graders work usually on their math skills homework and get assistance with their reading skills with our visiting Dartmouth College students- who come daily- along with our dedicated staff members. Second graders thru fifth graders visit the school library and work on their homework and a required 20 minutes of reading while there. We all gather together after Homework Cafe time for our planned monthy activities time, all subjects are covered (P.E., art, community service, social studies, science, music, dance, reading, math, etc.). The Westshire setting is small and family-like. We work together to accomplish many things. We like to display our arts and crafts for everyone who visits our school to see and appreciate.

The Visions program runs year round, except for on school vacations (ask about our summer program), Monday-Wednesday from 3-5:45pm, and on Thursday from 1:45-5:45pm . We have different enrichment activities every day and because of the small setting, we are able to plan monthly themes. Some students come once or twice a week, and some come everyday. The Visions coordinator works hard to enlist community members, teachers, and highschool students to present and their special areas of interest, talent, and expertice to share with the students.

Some of the activities that students have enjoyed at the Westshire Visions After School program are; outdoor nature walks, gym games, open art studio, bingo night, cooking projects, scrapbooking, jewelry making, local town library visits, fitness workshops, pot luck dinners with parents, and much more! When possible, we bring students into the community to learn first hand about jobs and activities around the area.

The Visions program offers wonderful opportunities for students to grow and learn about so many different things. It provides homework, reading, and social help to students, and assists many families with afterschool supervision. We are very fortunate that we are able to offer these opportunities for the children of our town.

For more information please contact Don Bazzell , Visions Program Director at (603) 353-2170