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Wednesday, December 19, 2018


Greetings from Gail

May 10, 2013

This week was Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week. Thank you to the CSO and parents who made goodies for our staff. It is greatly appreciated. It is hard to believe that the end of the year is approaching, and fast!!

Next week we begin some of our end of year transition activities for students.Here is a list of some of them:

  • Hulbert Trip for 6th graders—this has been a long tradition at Rivendell for a three day and two night experience at Hulbert for students in 6th grade from both elementary schools. This event is to foster friendships between the students from both schools and to help them come together as one group before they become the 7th grade class next year at Rivendell Academy.
  • Hulbert Day Trip for 4th & 5th graders—We have planned a day at Hulbert for the 4th and 5th graders from both elementary schools. There will also be a pot-luck in the evening for parents. All 5th and 6th grade students will be at Samuel Morey next year and this will be a chance to come together and build team for next year.
  • Preschool and kindergarten teachers have started transition activities already. We want our next year kindergarten students to get to know Pam and their kindergarten classroom to help with their transition. Sixth Grade Transition—Sixth graders will spend the afternoon at Rivendell Academy on June 12th. They will meet their new teachers, visit the building, have lunch there and hear from Mr. Galli and Dr. Gelenian.

We also have some end of the year celebration activities coming up.

  • EXPO is May 22nd. This is a celebration of learning for prek-12. All classes will display student work. It is a great evening—don't miss it!
  • Our traditional field day is scheduled for June 11th with a rain date of June 13th. We have a Harry Potter theme this year with some fun activities for all! (K-6)
  • Our fifth and sixth grade chorus and band will be performing June 5th at Rivendell Academy. They will be performing with Academy chorus and band students.

Greetings from Gail

May 3, 2013

Next Wednesday we will have a special performance by TIGER (Theater Integrating Guidance, Education and Responsibility) from Plymouth State University. TIGER is a professional theatre company designed to help children, parents, and communities deal proactively and positively with social issues and concerns facing children in schools today. TIGER performances incorporates live actors, puppets, theatre, movement and music to engage school audiences. The theme for our performance will be "friendship." After the school-wide performance they will do a workshop with our fifth and sixth graders.

Greetings from Gail

April 26, 2013sme 04262016

Now that we have returned from our spring vacation, June seems right around the corner. There are so many field trips, special events, special activities and end of year celebrations this time of year. Even with all of these special events, it is important for us to keep our routines with students. Structure is especially important for making sure students don't slip into summer vacation mode too early. You can support your child by making sure they stay in their routines for completing homework, getting plenty of sleep and remind them that school is not over yet! 6th Grade Art Night

A special thank you to Carole Bando and the Lions Club for hosting this event. The Lions club gave
awards to Maddie Eastburn, Lilia Tse and Shaunna Simmons for their posters depicting peace. Maia Perry received the Principal's Art Award for outstanding art work throughout the year. Congratulations to all our amazing artists!

Greetings from Gail

April 12, 2013sme 04122013

What an exciting week we had with our guests from New Zealand, The Maori Dance Theater. Students were treated to an exciting performance Monday. They then learned about a piece of the Maori culture when the performers conducted workshops in their classes. All of this was celebrated at an amazing evening performance Wednesday night. It is so important for our students to learn about different cultures. Our social studies curriculum in the elementary schools is a little light on different cultures so this was a wonderful opportunity to supplement our curriculum.

A special thanks to the Community School Or- ganization (CSO) for contributing funds to support this residency. Thank you to any community members and businesses that supported this as well.

sme 041220132

Greetings from Gail

April 5, 2013

Next week we will be hosting guests from New Zealand. They are the Maori Dance Troop. This is a three day residency at both our elementary schools. They will be introducing our students to traditional and modern Maori culture. Students in grades K-6 will participate in art, dance and culture workshops on Monday and Wednesday. Teachers will be reading books about the culture and showing short video clips to give the students some background information.

On Wednesday evening we will celebrate their learning at an evening performance for families at Samuel Morey. All students will have a part. The performance begins at 6:00. We would appreciate if you could have your child/ren here by 5:50.

On Monday morning the dance troop will do a performance for the whole school. During the performance men and women dress in their traditional costumes. The men's Piupius are short, about mid-thigh with a plain black woven edge. The woman wear a Rapaki- like garment similar to the Piupius but also beautifully decorated capes made of flax fiber.

Greetings from Gail

March 29, 2013sme 03292013 3

School pictures are part of your child's school experience and memories that you keep forever. I heard from many parents that they were not happy with the pictures from our current photographer.

Therefore, we have made the decision to once again work with Life Touch Studios. To reintroduce you to Life Touch and the quality of their pictures, we will have spring pictures on April 23rd this year. Every student will have their picture taken. The pictures will be sent home with your child. If you would like to purchase the photos you simply send in payment with your child. If you do not want the pictures,  return the pictures. You are under no obligation to purchase the pictures. You just need to return them to school.

sme 03292013 2We are hoping that by having this spring picture day you will see an improvement in the quality of the pictures and hopefully look forward to fall pictures next year.



Greetings from Gail

March 22, 2013

It was so good to see so many families at Monday's 3-way conferences. Setting academic goals and sharing them is an important part of a child's education and that's why conferences are so essential. Students are excited about sharing their work with their parents or guardians. If you have not had your child's 3-way conference yet, please contact your child's teacher and schedule a day and time. Your child is waiting to share their great work and progress.

Greetings from Gail

March 15, 2013sme 03202013 6

Don't forget that Monday is three-way conferences. Our goal is for 100% participation for the students'

This is such a busy time of year!! We've been scheduling many events. I'm going to list the upcoming events that I know about so you can put them on your calendar. More information (times and places) will come about each event as the time gets closer.

Upcoming Events:

  • March 27th—Rivendell Annual Meeting @ 6:30 p.m.
  • April 10th—Evening performance with students as part of artists in residence program
  • May 10th—Family Bridge building event--evening—Parent group is planning this event.
  • May 15th-17th—6th Grade Hulbert Trip
  • May 18th —Raptor Run
  • May 22nd—EXPO--evening May 24th —4th and 5th grades from both schools to Hulbert--evening pot luck dinnerfor families
  • June 5th—Spring Concert (grades 5 & 6)--evening
  • June 14th—6th Grade Graduation--evening

Again, more detailed information will come home as we get closer to the event.


Greetings from Gail

March 8, 2013

This week the fourth grade hosted an "Explorer's Museum " for their families. In social studies the students studied early exploration. They learned the impact of early exploration on the world, the relationship between culture, humans and geography, and the costs and benefits of exploration.

To demonstrate their learning, each student studied an early explorer. They dressed liked that explorer
and all stood around the room where parents visited an explorer, hit the button which initiated a report on the explorer by the student. A real life wax museum!!

sme 03202013 4

Greetings from Gail

March 1, 2013sme 03202013 3

I hope you all had a wonderful February break. That week is just enough to recharge everyone. We see so much growth this time of year in our students. Kindergarten students are more independent, first graders are losing more teeth, sixth graders are thinking about graduation and the transition to Rivendell Academy.

We want to continue growth by raising the bar of academic expectations. This is the time of year where I
report on a disease that plagues elementary schools called the "good enough disease." The "as long as I've put something down on paper is good enough" disease. It seems to attack students in February of every year. The symptoms include:

  • A backslide in neatness of school work
  • An increasing desire to be the first one done regardless of the quality of work
  • An increased occurrence of "I can't find it" and "I forgot to do it"

A trip to the nurse's office to see Nurse Marnie won't cure this disease but the good news is the cure rate is generally 100% if we work together.

Here at school I have started my talks with students on "quality work." Students have started to bring me quality work for our Quality Board. Hopefully, you will be seeing an "I do quality work at SME" magnet
coming home soon.

You can help at home by continuing (or resuming if you've stopped) looking over your child's homework sheet or assignment notebook or checking their homework folder. The following questions may help opening up conversation with older students about homework and are also a way of checking to make sure everything has been completed.

  • Did you finish your reading? May I see what you've recorded?
  • Did you solve your math problems carefully? Which one did you find to be the most challenging?
  • Do you have any homework due tomorrow other than math and reading?

Ask your child if their work is quality. Don't hesitate to ask your child to redo an assignment that you feel doesn't show they have applied their best effort. If you have any concerns about the quality of your child's work don't hesitate to contact your child's teacher.

Please continue to communicate with your child's teacher and ask the questions that you
don't have the answers for. Together we are working to bring out the best in all of our Samuel Morey
Students. As I explained to the sixth grade students, "I am on a quest for quality" here at Samuel Morey.

Greetings from Gail

sme 03202013 2

February 15, 2013

Our New England Common Assessment state test (NECAP) scores are in. Here is how we did at Samuel Morey. The test is given to students in grades 3-6.


  • 3rd Grade: 80% met or exceeded the standard
  • 4th Grade 63% met or exceeded the standard
  • 5th Grade 65% met or exceeded the standard
  • 6th Grade 78% met or exceeded the standard



  • 3rd Grade: 75% met or exceeded the standard
  • 4th Grade 82% met or exceeded the standard
  • 5th Grade 70% met or exceeded the standard
  • 6th Grade 83% met or exceeded the standard

It is important to know that we have very small N's or numbers/students in our classes. One or two students can greatly affect the overall percentage. At a quick glance it seems that we are doing better in math and need to work on reading. Teachers will be examining the results, analyzing released tasks and identifying where we need more focus in our curriculum. Individual test scores have not arrived yet but will be given to parents of students in grades 3-6 at the March 18th three-way conferences.

sme 03202013 1