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Monday, July 16, 2018



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Laurie Gould

Rivendell Academy - Special Education Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321
Richard Steckler

Richard Steckler

Rivendell Academy - Science Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321
RICHARD STECKLER, Science. Rich has dedicated his professional career to serving the teens of Vermont and New Hampshire. He is also proud to have received his own formal education here in Vermont, ...
Kirsten Surprenant

Kirsten Surprenant

Rivendell Academy - Social Studies Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321
KIRSTEN SURPRENANT, Social Studies. B.S. Marketing, M.A. Secondary Education/History, M.Ed. Educational Leadership. Kirsten was involved in the creation of Rivendell and still finds great ...

Ross Convertino

Rivendell Academy - Athletic Director
Phone: (603) 353 4321
Christopher White

Christopher White

Rivendell Academy - Mathematics Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321

CHRIS WHITE, Math, B.A. Business.
Chris lived in Florida for thirty years before relocating to New Hampshire, where he teaches seventh and eighth grade math at Rivendell

Audrey Wolf

Rivendell Academy - Para - SPED Asst.
Phone: (603) 353 4321
Singwai Yip

Singwai Yip

Rivendell Academy - Mathematics Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321

David Detweiler

Rivendell Academy - English Teacher
Phone: (603) 353 4321

Elaine Arbour

District Office - Superintendent
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2136
I have been the Superintendent of Schools in Rivendell since July 2017. Prior to that, I was a Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Curriculum Director, Assistant Principal, Title I Director, ...

Jennifer Chaffee

District Office - Accounting Specialist/HR Assistant
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2114
Jenn joined Rivendell in August 2015 after working for another Supervisory Union for 20 years in which the Rivendell schools were a part of before becoming their own district. She attended Fairlee ...

Jan Cole

District Office - Director of Special Education
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2130
Keri Gelenian

Keri Gelenian

District Office - Head of Schools/RA Principal
Phone: (603) 353-4321 ext:1203
KERI GELENIAN, Head of School and Principal of Rivendell Academy. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside in 1981, and began his teaching career in 1982, teaching 7th and 8th grade ...

Brenda Gray

District Office - Executive Assistant/Human Resources Manager
Phone: (603) 353 2170

John Jakubens

District Office - Director of Operations
Phone: (603) 353 2170 ext:2102

Celise Johnson

District Office - Food Service Director
Phone: (603) 353-4321 ext:1115
CELISE JOHNSON has been the Food Service Director since 2007. She has been a Certified Dietary Manager since 1989. She graduated from CCV in 1989. She also studied Nutrition at Penn State's Extended ...

Matt Joska

District Office - Director of Information Technology
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2108

Nancy Manning

District Office - Payroll Officer/Human Resources Asst.
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2194

Gabi Martino

District Office - Technology Integration Specialist & Website Maintenance
Phone: (603) 353-2170
GABI MARTINO joined the Rivendell staff in 2001. As the Technology Integration Specialist for the district she supports teaching and learning with technology for all Rivendell. She also is the ...

Richard Paulson

District Office - Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2118
RICHARD PAULSON joined Rivendell in July, 2008. He holds a Bachelor's degree in accounting from Quinnipiac University, and a Masters degree in Philanthropic Studies from Indiana University. He ...

Nick Pryer

District Office - Technology Assistant
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2106

Susan Putnam

District Office - Special Education Administrative Assistant
Phone: (603) 353-2170 ext:2132

Maggie Stoudnour

District Office - Rivendell Trails School Coordinator
Phone: (603) 353-2170